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Mon, 18 Oct 2004

Hacking the Xbox
xbox/20041017 I finally finished reading Hacking the Xbox by Andrew "Bunnie" Huang.

I consider this book to be the de facto textbook for getting anywhere with the project. Though all of the chapters were very interesting, only several will actually be used to develop the "CarBox," seeing as there is no reason or desire to further knowledge of the Xbox's security system. Regardless, the book covered many aspects of what will be required to have the unit operate with a touchscreen device, network device, and other peripherals.

Last weekend I ordered the original version of MechAssault, which is needed to install Linux on the Xbox. I was hoping to have it by this weekend, but it did not come in time. Hzopefully, it will be here soon.

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Fall Colours
20041017 I intended to go out this weekend and enjoy the fall colours. Unfortunately, since my IC design project is due on Monday, I spent all of Friday and Saturday at school. When I left Saturday morning, the trees were still rich in colour. When I got back in the evening, strong winds had knocked most of the leaves off.

Though the colours today were not as brilliant as a few days ago, I decided to go for a walk in the Beaver Pond park. By this time next year, the whole area is supposed to be obliterated in favour of constructing more houses.

I got a few nice photos of Luna the Dog. She turned one year old this past week.

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