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Sat, 31 Jan 2004

Work and Celestia.
Today was fun. Got a lot done at work, especially regarding the latest nVidia drivers.

I feel very encouraged by Seth saying he's been wanting Celestia in Gnome. That would be fantastic, if we can get over the licensing issues. The feedback in #gnome-hackers was positive though. I hope to add the context menu to the GL area this weekend.

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Mon, 26 Jan 2004

First Entry.
I have been meaning to start one of the weblogs for some time.

Now that Celestia is getting along fine in terms of my GTK front-end it seems a good time to do so.

This weekend proved pretty productive. I finally got the Makefiles to co-operate with GTK2 and the Gnome2 libraries. The only issue seems to be a requirement of pkg-config for the configure script to run; this is a problem for the KDE guys.

Now the only thing left is to write this Communication Theory Spectral Analysis lab report.

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