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Mon, 10 Mar 2008

New TV
20080309 It's a done deal. I'm getting an apartment I'm quite pleased with starting May 1st. Seeing as that's a mere seven weeks away, the plan is to start buying the essentials now. The two "big-ticket" items on my list are a HDTV (GTA4 is coming out soon!) and a new bed.

While coming home from swimming in the middle of a major storm last night, I decided to start exploring the TVs. The store was bound to be empty, which would give me quick access to a lot of helpful employees.

The plan was to compare various brands and start aiming for a specific size and price range. Yes, that was the plan. In reality, as soon as I saw the 37" Sharp Aquos I now own, it was basically sold. It's a 37" 1080p LCD TV for the price of any other brands' 720. I further managed to talk the guy down to a great deal. It all happened much more quickly than I had envisioned.

After a whole day of use, it seems to be a solid unit. When I get to the apartment, I may decide to get a digital antenna and try to pick up some broadcast HDTV. Paying for cable really does not sound appealing at the moment.

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