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Fri, 22 Jul 2011

20110722 This week in Ottawa we are experiencing a heat wave. It's not at all unusual around this time of year, but the numbers are quite high. Apparently, we haven't had this kind of heat since the fifties. It is strange to have higher-than-body-temperature weather here.

It occurs to me just how much of a temperature swing there is around here. We've had as low as -45°C, and this +40°C seems to be a high. That's a whole 85°C!

The new house has air conditioning, but by then, the heat wave will be long gone. Good thing it has heating, too.

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Mon, 11 Jul 2011

New House and Scuba Diving
20110710 While I didn't post it here, since it has until quite recently felt unreal, I took the leap and purchased my first house late last month. Now that all of the paperwork is pretty much complete, it really feels much more like I own it than before.

My new house is a decent single unit, built in 1983, in the Tanglewood part of Ottawa. It needs some work to get it up to snuff, but nothing too drastic. I look forward to the various tasks that are on the to-do list. At the moment it still feels a little overwhelming, but I'm sure that as I start buying the tools I need, things will click into place.

It should also be fun to live with my closest friend in the whole world.

Aside from that bit of news, summer is finally feeling like summer. This weekend was the perfect weekend, and it proved to be the perfect weekend for scuba diving as well. I've never actually dived in Canada yet, so the experience with a 7mm wetsuit in fresh water was both new and enlightening. We drove down as a group to the Prescott area, and dove four times in the St. Lawrence Seaway. It was neat using the old canals and locks. The highlight was the shipwreck of the Conestoga, a 250-foot-plus iron-clad freighter. Also, drift-diving was a new experience, at times quite thrilling in the treacherous current.

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