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Fri, 19 Oct 2012

Kilimanjaro Day Five, Barafu Camp
20121018 Big day, today, but in sections. We got going intentionally late, and took a three hour hike to Barafu Camp, 4678m. At this point we are at the same level as the Lava Tower a couple of days ago, but thanks to that acclimatization hike, no one is feeling it.

The camp is very busy but desolate, right at the bottom of trail to the summit. The summit is finally appearing visibly closer. There are tents strewn all over, wherever the boulders will allow it. Half of them are for people on their way up, the other half for those who are just on their way down. When the winds come, you really feel it. When it's sunny, you boil. We are told the hike to the summit will be just like that, but at night when it's much, much colder.

We are turning in early to get a couple of hours of sleep before setting off at 23:00 or so.

This is it.

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