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Thu, 18 Oct 2012

Kilimanjaro Day Four, Karanga Camp
20121017 Today's routine was a little different than usual. We started ascent at 06:30 to climb the Barranco Wall, with the intention of having breakfast at the top. This would allow for not having to climb right after eating.

The climb was straightforward, with a few technical bits. The twist came at the top, where rather than a normal breakfast, Kelly's birthday was celebrated with a little party. Actually, considering the setting, it was a very big party. There were party hats, and the porters were singing Happy Birthday, and the chef managed to procure a cake. The cake was iced and even had a message on it. All this with a beautiful, clear view.

The rest of the hike was all up and down, with a final altitude at Karanga Camp of about 4000m, which is pretty much the same altitude as where we had started the day. It was a short day. About half of the groups went on to the next camp and to do the summit tonight, but that is too rushed. After they summit, they will have to make it a good way down the mountain, too. We will have another short day tomorrow, plus an afternoon/evening break before the summit.

Our favourite guy here is Norbet, the camp manager. He reminds us of Rafiki from Lion King, in that he's always smiling and talking in melody. When he comes to wake us up in the morning with tea, he sings the words. When he brings food, he sings the dish name. In fact, it seems a lot of the porters and workers on the mountain sing, just sing. It's a neat part of the culture, but Norbet really exemplifies it.

Tomorrow should be the climax of the hike. Everyone is apprehensively looking forward to it.

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