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Wed, 17 Oct 2012

Kilimanjaro Day Three, Barranco Camp
20121016 Morning was cold, the tent was iced over. We started the day on time, and most of the ascent was excellent. It was a slow and steady incline to 4600m, and everyone was happy with it. Right near the end there was a small drop and then a rise to about 4650m. It was this last bit that invoked altitude sickness in a number of us. For the most part, it was mild headaches. In my case, it was an 8/10 headache; it felt severe.

After lunch we began the descent. I was assured that the headache would go away. Unfortunately, it didn't, and I had the entire descent feeling like a massive hangover minus nausea. Two Tylenol Extra Strength eventually took care of this.

The walk down from the Lava Tower went through some pre-historic forest. It looked like a scene out of some dinosaur movie. The trees here are hundreds of years old and look completely out of place on the mountainside.

The camp for tonight is Barranco Camp, back down at 3950m. As always, our guys got to the camp ahead of everyone else, and chose the best spot. Tonight, it's a camp with a view. The team were also waiting for us and greeted us with The Kilimanjaro Song. Well performed! It was pretty awesome, except for my headache. With a warm and sunny afternoon, we got to enjoy a decent sponge bath and a bit of lazing around. There is also a lot of beautiful scenery to photograph.

Tomorrow is a short day. Hopefully altitude sickness will not kick in. Tonight is supposed to be colder again.

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