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Sun, 14 Oct 2012

Spacer Day
20121013 We had a relatively late start, as we were to get our laundry from Zamo at 08:30, and picked up by the hike guys at 10:00. Our laundry was still wet, but otherwise clean, and we said a final farewell to Zamo. Our pickup was delayed to 11:30, so we used the time to dry clothes and take a swim. Even 200m was hard at this altitude. But it was refreshing.

The drive back to Arusha was, once again, lengthy. It just sort of worked out that we have had to make this trip many times. The hotel/spa that Adventure International uses, Karama Lodge, is phenomenal. Individual huts, all local materials and design, unique feel, and four star treatment. It's not that we haven't been pampered on this trip, it's that we know that there will be less luxury during the next week, so we should take what we can get!

After checking in, we got the Kili briefing from Frank Castro and his Danish-English partner whose name I forgot to take note of. We also met our guide, Godson (Gody). This talk was fantastic for putting us at ease about the climb, and it really was a nice touch to be briefed by the top brass.

Dinner was as on par with everything else at this place, and we packed our hike equipment. I sent a text message to Raf wishing him a good wedding day from Africa. Early sleep time to take maximum advantage of a real bed.

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