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Thu, 11 Oct 2012

More Serengeti
20121010 Today was the main Serengeti outing. We started with many, many zebras on the drive in. Then, we were able to observe lions hunting for gazelle several times. We stuck around for at least twenty minutes, but each attempt failed. The families of lion were up to nine in size. Nearby, we also stumbled upon some elephants bathing.

We are told that the animals don't see individual humans. Instead, they see they truck as a large, multi-headed animal that they are familiar with, and know to not be afraid of. Getting out of the truck would change this, obviously.

After lunch, we proceeded to the large hippo pond. On the way, we were stopped by a large family of elephants who were eating by the road, and then proceeded to cross. It was interesting that the older elephants were guarding their young from us as they crossed. The hippo pond was rather disgusting, as it was small and packed with at least a hundred hippos, all of whom lived in, drank, and defecated into a tiny amount of water. The smell!

Somewhere along the drive, we were treated the sight of a giraffe on the run. This involves amazingly smooth motion. The heavy limbs could be described as moving in slow motion. It was a highlight of the trip so far.

This evening we returned to the Ikoma Camp. The dinner was absolutely fantastic, the best yet. After eating, we had some beers and played a few rounds of Asshole. Glad I brought the cards.

Tonight, must get to sleep early, as we're starting off the earliest we've started yet, and I have to be up at 06:00. This is actually before midnight Ottawa time. It will be a busy day through the crater, and then another park, before heading back to Highlands. Zamo says it is best to start early, and he's been right on everything else so far...

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