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Wed, 10 Oct 2012

The Safari Continues
20121009 Today was an early start. The hotel proved to be great by virtue of extremely comfortable beds. Slept like a baby. Lots of ground to cover today.

We started by entering Ngorongoro Park and traveled around the crater. Amazing views, but very bumpy road. We will be returning to the crater itself in two days. For now, the view from the ridge was enough to have something to look forward to.

Along the road there were many Maasai villages and herders with their flock. We stopped by a Maasai village and learned a lot about their rituals and how they live. It was all very fascinating, from their schooling, to circumcision customs, to how their family life works, whereby they are polygamous based on the size of their herd, and each woman builds her house for herself and children. The sandal of choice was constructed from treads of worn out motorcycle tires; neat. Unfortunately, the whole experience here felt a little touristy, with a entrance fee and somewhat pushy manner in which their overpriced artistic wares were imposed. Still, it was very informative.

We followed through to Serengeti National Park, for an afternoon game drive. Immediately, large groups of animals were easily within eyeshot. The small game (impalas, gazelles, zebras) were very plentiful, where we had a hard time finding them before. We encountered lions near the road, several hippos, groups of giraffes. Also were water buffalo, warthogs, and so on. We even saw elephants off in the distance. The experience is very dusty and dry, yet there are so many beautiful animals and plants.

Lodging tonight is just outside the North side of the Serengeti, at the Ikoma Wild Camp. We are sleeping in tents under permanent wooden structures. Not allowed outside after dark because of the hyenas. Interestingly, these tents have full washrooms with showers built in. The common lodge house is a lot of fun, and much beer was had. The food here, in the middle of nowhere, is better, if that's possible?

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