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Mon, 07 Feb 2011

20110206 What a wonderful week in Cuba. I'm not much for laying around a beach, but when there is a beach as perfect as at Cayo Santa Maria, soaking in sun sounds like a great idea. It was certainly very hot and very sunny.

It takes a little to get over the cultural differences, the constant tipping, and the fact that the people who work at the resort are very well off as a result. I got asked on several occasions if I wouldn't mind selling my Oakleys. It is interesting that they have the means, but not the way.

The week went well, overall. I got a little sick a few times from the food or the heat or a combination of the two. Also, my Iron Ring is now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; I spent hours looking for it, but unfortunately it's gone. Thankfully, it is not difficult to replace.

Besides the wedding, highlights of the week included a catamaran tour (though I was sick), scuba diving (with a camera), and zipping around in rented scooters (wee!). The Mojitos were great, the Marguaritas flew freely, and the PiƱa Coladas were to die for. My tan shows I had good time.

Now, back to the cold reality of February in Canada.

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