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Mon, 14 Sep 2009

A Clean Engine is a Happy Engine
20090913 The checklist is done. I set out earlier this summer to take care of everything I knew was wrong with the car when I bought it, and a few new things.

Earlier this summer, mechanics took handled new tires, new control arm bushings, and new rear brakes. Then I got some rust taken care of, a new windshield, and filled in some paint chips by myself.

Well, today seemed like a nice day for some car work. Seeing as I've never, ever poked around the engine of my car, there was plenty to do. I started with the cabin air filter; it was all clogged and was starting to get mouldy. Then, an oil change. I've never done one of those before. It's amazing, the oil filter in this car is in a canister right at the front of the engine, on the top. Super accessible, really easy. Then I cleaned the mass air flow sensor. Finally, I took the cover off the engine and checked up on the spark plugs.

With a clean bill of health, and a completed checklist, the engine deserved a little bit of cleaning up. It's true, a clean engine is a happy engine.

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