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Sun, 17 Aug 2008

20080816 Cute, isn't it? While in Taipei, I looked all over for a die-cast model of my car. I found a mall near Ximen Station that had a whole floor of toy stores, with at least 4 die cast shops. Unfortunately, my car is a little too old; like the real car dealers, they only carry recent model years. But I did find this 1:87 plastic replica. It's pretty good, except my 1:1 car has M3 rims, a dark interior, a spoiler, and sunroof. Details, details...

Travel is coming my way once again this week. I'll be attending the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. I've visited that city twice in the last year or so. However, this will be the first time I'll be lodging downtown. Perhaps I can experience some of the night life. Should be a good time.

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