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Thu, 17 Jan 2008

Strange Changeroom Experience
I don't normally write about things like this, but this one's rather unique. I was at the Carleton gym as I am several nights a week. In the sauna, some guys were saying they should probably get going because their girlfriends will have to wait for them (for once). They leave. A few minutes later, as I'm finishing up my shower, I hear a girl's voice through the door. The conversation goes something like this:

"Are you guys done yet?"
"Nah. We need a few more minutes. Come on in here."
"Are there any naked men around?"
"No, don't worry about it."

Of course there were naked men in the guys' locker room.

Then she came in. And she was just standing there talking with them in the men's changeroom, with guys changing all around her. No one seemed to care. Weird, eh?

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