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Sun, 28 Oct 2007

Bye Gentoo. Hello Ubuntu.
20071027 Gentoo is pretty cool. As a self-compile Linux distribution, it has inspired more to learn about how things work in Linux than any other distribution. Aside from people reporting bugs when they set their compiler optimization to a gazillion-and-one, it has probably had a generally positive effect.

I've been using Gentoo since early 2002. I had it on my laptop until it became clear that the hard drive was far too slow to handle the ever-growing Portage tree. I still kept it on my desktop with the intention of always having the latest versions of software as it's released. Unfortunately, time has been short in the last few months, and more often than not I just had a broken system.

The solution has been to completely free myself of Gentoo. I now use Debian at work and Ubuntu at home. In truth, it would be nice to follow Debian unstable at home as well, but a relatively slow internet connection coupled with a frequently updated pool of packages would still be a big strain on time.

For now, the "just works" option is my preference.

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