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Sat, 30 Jun 2007

Office With A View
20070630 It's been a while since I updated this thing. There is a lot going on. Not the least of which is that I'm on business this week, across the continent in the San Francisco area. This trip is, unfortunately, making me miss Linux Symposium. I can deal with that. There will be another conference next year, but a well-warranted trip is always difficult to fit in.

It's been a busy, physically demanding week. The building I'm working in has an astounding view. Everything is so green. It seems that the whole Bay area is always temperate. The weather has been amazing: sunny but breezy. While I haven't been outside much during daylight, I can appreciate the climate on my way to and from the hotel. Simply put, life here is comfortable.

Tomorrow may finally allow for some time away from the office. Assuming that works out, I will take the grand tour of downtown San-Fran, Golden Gate Park, and so on. I'll be travelling back on Canada Day.

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