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Wed, 30 Aug 2006

Small Boat, Big Lights
20060829 I've been busy working finishing some body work on the car recently. The driver-side rear fender was in need of attention, as there was a significant rust-rot infection. That's mostly cleared up now, but the paint job still needs work.

I took a small detour from the car work to make my little tug boat water-ready enough to float around the pond tonight. This little boat is about 45cm long, and is loaded with 27 LEDs. At one point it had running gear, but with two Speed 400's it was very much overpowered. It was so overpowered that it nearly tore itself apart.

This summer, I had hoped to revive it, and while that didn't happen, a solid plan of action did get created. I'm going to buy cheap (tiny) aircraft forward-only speed controls, and those will turn the two propellers independently with slow motors. It is not necessary for the speed control to have reversing, since it will be a slow boat and should be able to rotate in place anyway. As an alternative, I am considering modified servos. They might be enough, and would have reverse, in addition to being a fantastic price for what amounts to a speed control, motor, and gearbox in one.

The photo does not do the model justice. The LEDs really lit it up.

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