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Wed, 12 Apr 2006

Spring Has Sprung
20060411 I'm happy to report that things at work are slowly returning to "normal," whatever that means. Actually, it means that my projects are frozen and that there is more time to enjoy life, including the beautiful weather these last few days... and to write here.

This evening was the first meet of the Rideau Nautical Modellers at Andrew Haydon Park. The water is now 99% liquid, the evening a nice 18 degrees. I took the little boat out; still working on the top for it. Peter took a photo with his nice new D-SLR that makes it look like its wake is really big. Next week I'll have the big boat out.

The project for this evening was to update four years worth of gasoline data into my trusty spreadsheet that goes back to 1988. The goal here is to produce a date-vs-price graph for the last 18 years. When that's done I'll post a nice picture here. I expect a relatively smooth curve with a spike around 2003. I predict that when inflation is considered, the rise in gas prices is less significant than many think.

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