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Sun, 05 Feb 2006

What's With The Weather?
20060204 Never have I seen a winter like this. Last year, on this weekend, I was coming back from Perth and it was foggy. While that was astonishing, it doesn't compare to the last week of rain. Temperatures are high, animals are mating early, Winterlude is destroyed, the canal is all slush. It's winter straight from Vancouver.

I spent all of last night filling the windows of the Enterprise-D with clear epoxy resin. It's a little more bubbly than I would like, but it should look good when the model is finished. As a whole, the windows in the saucer turned out well. I've light-proofed the inside with reflective paint and bought some lighting supplies. I'm psyched about getting on with this.

While working with epoxy, I usually mix the resin on discarded CD-R's. The benefit here is that the reflective background makes it apparent when the two parts are properly mixed, because they go from their clear individual state to a murky mix, which is much easier to see on the reflective surface of a CD than elsewhere. Before the resin is mixed, the perfectly clear substance refracts the colourful light from the CD beautifully, reminding me of the "drop" effect in MacOSX.

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