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Sat, 21 Jan 2006

A Great Day
20060120 Great days are few and far between. It is very fortunate when they occur on Fridays, because it reduces the stress level on weekends to zero. Today was such a day.

Developments at work are going fantastically. A good chunk of the week was spent making my AMD64 builds of Xandros install cleanly. Today, it all finally started working very smoothly. It's incredibly relieving knowing that everyone's software works and no major re-writes will be necessary. Some small items, like our boot screen, written in 1999 and relying on VM86 mode (not implemented in the AMD64 kernel), will have to be deprecated, but I've been pushing for that for several years now! No more pushing video cards into video modes directly and writing straight into video RAM!

Additionally, my side project at work ("playing sys-admin") is increasingly exciting as the server room is becoming more and more a server room proper. "My" rack now has 21U of goodness in it, and today I spent time re-organizing the room so as to start using our DMZ rack.

The VHS-to-DVD transfers are almost done. I predict only about five more discs will be needed. I've currently made 25 discs, which is over 26 hours of video. The gap between the new DVDs and the video previously on DVD is getting small. It would be nice to be done with it this weekend.

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