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Mon, 19 Jul 2004

Weekend in Summary
This weekend has a lot of things going on. Friday night was the first night of Lost Weekend, the only one I attended. Everyone got very drunk. There were, as there always are, some nice moments. I think the most important realization from the event is that unlike most people, who tend to lose their inhibitions when drunk, I do not. At least, not as easily. Perhaps this is why I go over the top with the drinking when socializing with close friends: I want to that point where inhibitions start going away. Later, I pay for it with physical sickness.

At the Linux in the Wild BBQ, I talked with Alan Cox about his work on optimising icon themes in Gnome. It doesn't look like it will make it into Gnome 2.8, but there is interest in having it later. It will definitely lower RAM usage, speed things up, etc.

My grandfather left today, after about five weeks here. On one hand, this will free up time. On the other, the time that will now be freed was precious.

Tomorrow I start my week of conference craziness. I'm all charged up and ready. I printed up some "Business Cards" with my vitals, including my PGP key. Output from LaTeX, they look pretty sharp. I intend to give some out this week.

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