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Fri, 09 Jul 2004

Taking it Easy.
20040708 The weather this week has been very unpredictable: drastic changes of temperature, humidity, and pressure. As a result, I've had a mild headache all week, so I'm taking it easy.

This last weekend was very nice, the weather in Merrickville couldn't have been better. It was so sunny that shadows in the water had haloes from the light streaming into the water around ones head, something a digital camera captured quite nicely. This weekend also has two boat club events.

I spent all of last evening playing with UTF-8 once again. This time, it was my intention to get the filesystem to allow for UTF-8 filenames. To do this, I had to add kernel support for the full character set, as well as change my locale to something compatible: I chose en_CA.UTF-8. A good choice it was, all instances of color in the Gimp are now colour, and there are similar Canadianisms throughout my desktop.

Transferring these filenames to Windows proved surprisingly easy, they translate transparently through Samba. However, burning them to a CD is extremely tricky. It works great for what Linux uses (RockRidge), but Microsoft's implementation of Joliet doesn't like it. If I burn under Windows, it uses the CP1250 or ISO8859-2 character sets, which means I'd have to add kernel support in Linux to handle those. Seems silly that Microsoft cannot support UTF-8 properly. The mkisofs manpage has excellent information about all this.

I went to see a free movie today, it was Anchorman. Really funny. Really stupid. Good laughs.

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