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Wed, 07 Jul 2004

Middle of Summer
20040706 It's amazing, but half of the summer break has gone by. I still haven't gotten to the projects I set out to do, but it's alright since I'm wasting little time.

The weather today was beautiful. I put together a 180° panorama of Andrew Haydon Park right after a boat club meeting. Next time, I will have to lock the camera on a single auto setting and go from there to avoid colour fluctuations. I worked most of them out by varying the individual brightness and contrast of the layers that comprise the image.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion: I got invited by the leader of the ATI's Linux project to join a development mailing list they are starting up. The list is to discuss improvement of their closed-source binary display driver. They're not opening the driver up, but they're creating an open forum for bug reporting, testing, and development ideas. This is a definite step in the right direction. In the immediate timeframe, I hope to work with them to fix a nasty rendering issue that cropped up in Celestia since three driver releases ago. It really is nice to see more and more companies beginning to open up.

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