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Thu, 01 Jul 2004

New Backpack
20040630 It was payday today, so I decided to treat myself to a new backpack. I've been meaning to get one that has a laptop compartment for some time. But those have always been either too big or too expensive. I came across this Roots bag at Radio Shack and liked it immediately. This is a good thing, since my back was starting to ache on the weeks where I had lots of books pulling me to one side. This unit has comfortable padding, too. Best of all, it looks like every other Roots backpack, and won't draw attention to the fact that there is an expensive piece of hardware inside.

In a stroke of good luck, yesterday I managed to get in on one of the final ten openings for the Linux Symposium. I'm all paid up, can't wait for the event to begin.

Tonight, I welded some twelve-guage wire to the sides of the prop shafts I ripped out earlier. When they are glued in now, there should be more for the epoxy to hold than just the smooth brass surface of the shafts. I expect this will make for better durability.

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