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Thu, 27 May 2004

No Photo Today
20040526 No interesting photos today. Instead, the camera that usually takes them.

I'm a little unsettled today. At work, a manager lashed out at me, yelling at me regarding productive use of my time. The thing is that it was not my manager. The other thing is that it felt personal somehow. And, of course, he had no grounds for doing so. I had created a new background graphic for the next version of our installer; very simple, a solid colour with some text and rounded corners. It is meant to be a temporary placeholder, in fact. It took less than 25 minutes to make and check into CVS around 1800 last night. So it was after work, it was done on my personal laptop, and was actually at the request of another manager. It left me feeling very angry that he would confront me about it. My manager is very supportive of all the little extra tidbits I do. Yet this incident had to happen after I was feeling motivated by having completed half of the week's items from my task list yesterday.

Humans being humans, the man did come back to me about 20 minutes later and apologized. I'm still unsettled about the incident. This sort of thing always makes me wonder how I will be at some point in my career. Lashing out is easy. Apologizing is not.

The season finale of Enterprise was tonight. It was a strong episode considering what is the norm for the series. Just as the end was approaching and I thought I had figured out the textbook climax, a twist was thrown in that made for a fantastic cliffhanger. An unexpected welcome surprise from this show.

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