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Sat, 01 May 2004

Beautiful Day
I am writing this from the top of the play structure behind my house. King of the castle. And I'm listening to "U2 - Beautiful Day" because it absolutely is. The signal strength is surprisingly good here.

Today, I bought a CD with all the good pieces from Wagner's The Ring. Good listening. Also got a haircut and a few cans of Guinness. The weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow, so I'm making the most of it!

Last night I made some updates to the style sheet on this log site, as well as adding a history bar.

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New Toy!
20040430 The new toy is a 3.5" 160GB PATA Maxtor hard drive, inside of a new brushed aluminum USB2 enclosure. The photo does not say much. The enclosure is hardly larger than the drive itself. This USB2 stuff is decently fast too... rsync-ing my MP3 collection was relatively fast:

wrote 3720589301 bytes read 13860 bytes 12464332.20 bytes/sec total size is 3720080570 speedup is 1.00

In other news, first day of work was nice, though I am currently overwhelmed by the summer-long project. Also, ordering power supplies from Nortel is surprisingly difficult.

May tomorrow!

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