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Sun, 11 Apr 2004

Exams Quickly Approaching.
20040410 I'm worried. I'm always worried when it comes to Comm Theory. The exam is coming up Thursday, the day after a much less stressful real-time systems exam. Spent the day studying on and off. Filed a few ALSA-related bugs. Some Gnome programs go nuts if OSS mixer emulation is turned off, apparently.

In my boredom over the last several days, I've added the first model I built, a Klingon Vor'cha Cruiser, to the models page. Not much of a build-up: flat paint job and not much else. But it was enough to motivate me to create more. I spent hours making the thing look more interesting in the Gimp; it was an excellent learning experience about how Gimp handles layers, transparency, and so on.

Also over the last several days, Project Utopia components just started working on my laptop. It's nice to see that this stuff works, and is extremely promising. I've attempted to write a patch that produces more verbose messages and places them in the system log. It got sort of turned down, looks like Havoc Pennington would like a much more elaborate solution: some configuration file options, a little more selectivity in what gets put in the log, etcetera. I might just try to make these things happen.

To aid with this exam studying, went out and bought Don Giovanni by Mozart. Excellent studying music. Highly recommended.

Back to studying...

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