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Wed, 07 Apr 2004

Time - Drift Bignesses.

Tonight, for the boat club meeting I decided to be the first with a boat in the water this year. There was just enough water. The boat doesn't have a motor, or even for that matter, a propeller, but I'm fairly certain it still counts. Just got back from the monthly OCLUG meeting, where there was a very interesting presentation from a man involved with running Canada's time servers at the NRC. Apparently, Canadian time is based on NTP running on three Sparc 2's. A person asked what the units of drift that NTP uses are, and the man responded saying "drift bignesses." That's the quote of the day.

Also, often after meetings like this, I go to Shirley's Bay by the Ottawa River and code or whatever. In this case, the Java TFTP server/client due tomorrow-ish. As I was going there, I passed a cop car going somewhere between 70 and 90 in the 40 zone leading up to there, and luckily nothing bad came of it. Then, while sitting in my car with the laptop, another cop came by and shone the big light on the roof of his car at me to make sure I was alright. Finally, on the way home, I passed another police car. That's a lot of police.

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