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Mon, 05 Apr 2004

Last Week of School... Sort Of.
This week dragged on and on. It's the feeling that it should be done by now but it still isn't.

The TFTP project presentation at school went not-so-well. This thing's finally due this week, and I'll be glad to be rid of it. It's not the actual workings that make this project ugly, it's having to pollute the code with debug functions that prove it handles errors.

Bought a whole load of computer things for school. It's great trying to spend as much of the budget as can be justified. The guy at the computer store actually asked me: "Stocking up on network cards?"

Started helping out with the model boat classes again this weekend. Since exam time is approaching, I decided to start going at my hobbies again. Strange how that happens every exam period.

Regarding exams, it looks like they will be mostly straightforward. I'm not terribly worried about anything besides Communications Theory. Even the content on that can be accurately predicted, it's my ability to answer it that's uncertain.

Can't wait for this school year to just get by me one way or another. The apathy is starting to set in.

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