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This site was created to document the history of the various stages used by Star Trek over the years at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California.

Enterprise-D and Paramount Studios
The history of the sets is interesting for numerous reasons. First, it is interesting to see how sets evolve (and are reused) between different shows, and even series. Second, it gives a true appreciation for the scale and work that went into creating the sets; Star Trek sets are well known for their 360-degree detail. Finally, it is both fun and educational to keep stage layouts in mind when watching the shows. In particular, much can be learned of how and why a shot is set up in a particular manner with the plans at hand.

Motivation for this collection and analysis of the stages came upon news of the striking of the stages of what is seemingly the last Star Trek, Enterprise. Stages such as Stage 8 and 9, which have been in constant use by Star Trek since 1978 have been completely cleared for the first time.

Each of the shows has had permanent sets. The Original Series used what are now Stages 31 and 32. The Next Generation used Stages 8, 9, and 16. Deep Space Nine used Stages 4, 17, and 18. Voyager used Stages 8, 9, and 16. Enterprise used Stages 8, 9, and 18.

There is significant value in documenting sources of information. It gives credit where credit is due, and it also directs the reader to interesting reading material. As such, each page is heavily referenced to acknowledge the books and online material from which information is gathered. Most images on this site are original scans from the materials in the author's collection. These sources are very highly recommended reading material.

If you have corrections or encounter missing information, please let me know. Reference information (in any form) would be very helpful to back up the facts. In particular, sources of Star Trek soundstage blueprints are useful. The collection is never complete.

--Pat Suwalski


Below are buttons to information about specific stages. The brighter buttons indicate that those to sections have more information than the dimmer ones.

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Updates will be listed here as new information becomes available.


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