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Stage 9 is best known for housing Engineering, Sickbay, Junior Quarters, Cargo Bay/Holodeck, the Transporter Room, and corridors on The Next Generation and Voyager.

Official Stage Map

1978-1986: Star Trek I-IV

Stage 9, The Motion Picture
Originally, when the Phase II series was approved, Stage 9 was designated for its permanent sets [2]. These were built and later revised for The Motion Picture. At this point, the bridge set was on this stage as well [3].

The sets only underwent minor changes throughout the movies. For example, The Wrath of Khan presented a rearrangement to Kirk's quarters and the addition of the dilithium chamber to Engineering. The bridge also saw some minor modifications.

Over the coming years, preceding The Next Generation, these sets were left standing.

1988-1989: Star Trek V

Since The Next Generation sets occupied this stage during the production of the film, redressed versions of the TNG sets were used in the movie.

1990-1991: Star Trek VI

Much as with Star Trek V, this movie used redressed TNG sets. The same applies to Stage 8.

1987-1994: The Next Generation

Stage 9, TNG Season 1
In the first years of The Next Generation, the sets of Stage 9 were mildly redressed versions of the sets used in the movies. The junior officers' quarters were a mild redress of the movie quarters, the transporter room was more heavily modified, and Engineering was rebuilt, keeping only the structural elements of the second floor. Sickbay was expanded, and the curved wall was replaced to double as the Observation Lounge. Finally, the location of the movie bridge was re-used as the location of the Battle Bridge.

It is known that Sickbay was rebuilt after the first year, since it no longer had to double as the Observation Lounge once Stage 8 was made available to the production. This transition is described in more detail in the Stage 8 section.

During The Next Generation's tenure, the only component that changed drastically is the Junior Officers' Quarters, which was rebuilt in a very modular design that allowed for more possibilities in the portrayal of quarters belonging to different tenants. Although the appearance of the quarters would change for Voyager, the wall layout would not. Another addition was an elongation of the corridor. This addition allowed for a continued walk to and from the holodeck/shuttlebay doors, or simply a longer walking sequence.

Stage 9, TNG
The area across the hall from the Transporter Room appears to be erected as needed. It typically had a trapezoidal floorplan, and it often served as Troi's office. The area in the lower right was used for swing sets, such as the Battle Bridge. Engineering usually had walls blocking the main corridor passing through the set, however, the area was frequently redressed as a large corridor junction. This allowed for longer walking scenes.

This stage layout is a fluent transition between the movie-era design and the layout that was later used on Voyager.

1994-2001: Voyager

Stage 9, Voyager
Much as The Next Generation reused the sets from earlier movies, the Voyager sets reused the existing layout. This redesign would allow for existing structures, lighting rigs, and other useful investments to be reused as well.

The most heavily redesigned set was Engineering, which grew significantly in floorspace, and vertically, as it gained a second floor. Sickbay, while retaining some of the previous wall structure, was also fairly heavily rebuilt. In particular, the Doctor's Office and surgical bays were rearranged so that the Medical Lab could be a more useful space.

The main corridor received more filming possibilities by being turned and joining the corridor passing by Engineering. This solved the problem of redressing Engineering as a corridor as was often done with The Next Generation. For Voyager, a wall plug was typically used at the main corridor junction, though it was occasionally pushed in to create an alcove where a Jefferies tube entrance could be found. This area was also redressed for whenever a bathroom was shown.

Later additions include the Medical Lab, completed after Season 1, and the Science Lab, added during Season 4.

Stage 9 Quarters Layouts.

2001-2005: Enterprise

Stage 9 was home for Enterprise's cave set [7], and also hosted the larger swing sets. An example is the bridge of the starship Defiant, featured in late episodes of Enterprise [8].

2002: Nemesis

The Stage 9 cave set from Enterprise served as the Reman mine portrayed in Nemesis [9].


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