This is my version of the classic Klingon ship. If you are not familiar with the original Star Trek series, this was the ship that the bad guys used. The elegant 'fat body, thin neck' design established Klingon ship design for decades to come.

I chose to light the model, as I do all my sci-fi models. The choice for yellow lights was twofold: first, in the late nineties, it was still quite difficult and expensive difficult to obtain white LEDs; second, due to the film quality of the time, the lights in the show appeared more 'wheat' than 'white' to me. As such, I believe the yellow lights are appropriate for this model.

There is much debate about the paint job and details of this particular model. I chose to paint Testor's 'Light Sea Gray' as the basecoat. All grille areas were painted with 'Dunkelgrun'. The lighting and window placement is based on Greg Jein's version of the model, as seen in the Deep Space Nine episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations."

There is one inacurracy in the model that I did not fix. I had only noticed it after applying the basecoat: the grilles in the dorsal 'crease' of each wing are not supposed to be there. I am not certain that they could be effectively removed even if it had been noticed earlier.

I am satisfied with the general outcome of this model, though there are places that could have been refined further. The model was donated by a friend who had built it when he was roughly eleven. Tearing apart a child's gluework is not an trivial task, and several parts had to be reconstructed from sheet styrene.

A step-by-step tutorial on this model is planned.

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