The shuttlecraft Galileo was the USS Enterprise's planetary landing craft. It featured prominently in the first season episode "The Galileo Seven."

Because the show was on a slim budget, the Galileo was made possible by the model company AMT coming forth and offering to construct the shuttle, in exchange for rights to produce it as a kit. As such, it is truly amazing how inaccurate this kit was.

The model is very heavily modified from stock. The entire rear section is scratchbuilt. Other modifications include: curved and sloping roof, curves along roof and floor lines, the addition of rings and hemispheres to the engine pods, support brackets under wings, and custom feet.

The Galileo was built over nearly six years. Much research (and procrastination) went into the completion of the model. The result is almost completely accurate to reference material.

Awards: CAPCON2005 3rd Place Science Fiction Space Vehicles, CAPCON2005 Best Space/Sci-Fi.

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