In the year 2371, Starfleet updated the look of its organizational logo, and introduced a new communicator badge to match this design.

This commbadge was an exercise in making molds and casting resin copies. The original item was a magnetic toy commbadge with several inaccuracies, the most striking being a chrome finish. A mold was made, but the original got severely damaged in the process. The mold survived, and a copy was quickly made. The copy had some damage, as the mold was setting while the original was being destroyed. This copy was cleaned up, and another mold was made. As such, the unit displayed here is a second-generation copy.

Painting of the commbadge occurred only after research into the original paints used. As a result, the resin is primed with Krylon Grey Primer, metallic areas are painted with Krylon Dull Aluminum and Krylon Bright Gold, and the unit as a whole is finished with Krylon Clear Satin. The badge can be held in place magnetically via a powerful rare-earth magnet.

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