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Stage 8 is one of the stages most used by Star Trek productions over the years. According to the Paramount Studio Group web site, Stage 8 was used for The Original Series, Star Treks 5 and 6, The Next Generation, and Voyager.

Official Stage Map

1978: Phase II / The Motion Picture

While not listed explicitly on the Paramount Studio Group web site, there are blueprints that indicate that sets for this show were to be built on this stage. The stage was used when the show became The Motion Picture, and contained Admiral Nogura's Office as well as the interiors of V'Ger with the NASA probe [1]. The stage was also occupied by the Rec Deck set [2]. It is suggested the the set was very large and occupied the entire stage [3], meaning that it may have been struck to create room for the V'Ger set.

1988-1989: Star Trek V

Since The Next Generation sets occupied this stage during the production of the film, it is likely that redressed TNG sets were used in the movie.

1990-1991: Star Trek VI

Much as is the case with Star Trek V, the sets would have been redressed versions of their TNG counterparts. Specifically, Scotty uses the Observation Lounge while he is working and discovers the missing space suits in a duct. Since the set was redressed for the movie to include the air vent, it appears that it coincides with the change on TNG from the wooden wall decorated with Enterprises to the wall used in the later seasons.

1988-1994: The Next Generation

Stage 8, TNG
Stage 8 housed The Next Generation's Bridge, Senior Officer Quarters, and Ten Forward, starting with Season 2 of the show. Before that, the bridge and quarters were in Stage 6.

When Stage 8 became available between Seasons 1 and 2, there was enough room to add the Observation Lounge set, and later, Ten Forward. Ten Forward was the last permanent set built and only appeared in Season 2 and beyond. It is interesting to note that unlike the "real" Enterprise-D, the Observervation lounge was actually situated starboard of the bridge rather than behind it. This layout prevented continuous scenes between the two rooms.

The senior officers' quarters were designed to have moving walls, with the Captain's quarters occupying the entire set, while the other officers had smaller subdivisions of the room.

1994-2001: Voyager

Stage 8, Voyager
Voyager used this set exactly as it was used in The Next Generation. Ten forward became the Mess Hall, the Senior Officer's Quarters were redone, and obviously, the bridge/ready room/observation lounge sets were changed. Much as with Stage 9, the sets were rebuilt in place to save on structures (lights, power) that were already in place.

Voyager's Ready Room and Conference Room each use one of the sets of windows from The Next Generation's Ten Forward set. To create the correct shape, the window units were simply turned upside-down. It is also notable that in this design, both rooms are attached to the Bridge in the correct location, allowing for walking transitions to each set.

The senior officers' quarters also doubled as Chakotay's and Tuvok's offices by using the leftmost section with an irregularly-shaped divider wall that made the room non-rectangular.

Stage 8 Quarters Layouts.

2001-2005: Enterprise

Stage 8, Enterprise
Enterprise marked the first complete recontruction of the stage in many years. During the run of that show, Stage 8 housed Sickbay, Crew Quarters, the Mess Hall, and Conference Room. Extra space was used for smaller swing sets [7].

The set was arraged with Sickbay occupying the center of the circular plan, possibly to indicate that it is at the center of the ship. The inner ring houses the junior crew quarters and story-specific rooms. The outer ring consists of the Galley, the Captain's Mess, other rooms that have windows to space, and the senior officers' quarters.

The layout of this set allowed for much more production flexibility than previous sets that housed the ship's corridors, since the corridors were arranged in two concentric rings with three connecting halls. When coupled with the corridors on Stage 18, there were many more ways to film than with the single corridor in previous series.


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