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Stage 32 was known before the Desilu-Paramount merger as Stage 10.

Official Stage Map

1966-1969: The Original Series

Stage 32, TOS
Desilu Stage 10 is where Star Trek was filmed. This stage was used as the swing set, including all of the planet exteriors.

The set included a background curtain that was lit in different colours depending on the sky colour required. The stones immediately in front of the curtain concealed the lights that lit the curtain. The stones themselves were designed in forced perspective. Filmed from the opposite corner, the set appeared much larger than it actually was.

2002: Nemesis

Decades after being used for The Original Series, Stage 32 was used in the production of Nemesis. It initially featured the Wedding Pavillion. Once filming on that set had wrapped, it was struck, and the Romulan Senate set was constructed in its place [2].


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