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The Paramount Studio Group web site lists Stage 18 as used for Deep Space Nine and Insurrection.

Official Stage Map

1992-1999: Deep Space Nine

Stage 18 was used for Deep Space Nine as a swing set. It also housed the Runabout and Holodeck sets. In the pilot episode it had the Saratoga bridge, Cardassian ship, and Bajoran Monastary, as illustrated:

Stage 18, DS9

Over the years, Deep Space Nine's "Planet Hell" resided here as well. Additionally, the Defiant sets were built here, though the Engineering section was removed in later seasons to make room for other sets. A generic Cardassian set that was remodeled as required resided on Stage 18, as were parts of the Klingon ship used throughout the series.

1998: Insurrection

Stage 18 was used for the cave scene in Insurrection [2]. It stands to reason that the Deep Space Nine cave set occupied this area and was simply expanded for the movie.

2001-2005: Enterprise

This was the second of Enterprise's primary sets, in addition to Stage 8. Stage 18 housed sets such as the Bridge, Engineering [3], Transporter Room, Decontamination Room, and the Shuttlebay.

Stage 18, Enterprise

There appears to also be a small area for swing sets between the Shuttlebay and Engineering. Unlike previous Star Treks, Enterprise benefitted from two stages with corridors. The ones on this stage are labelled "Engineering Corridor." The more extensive, curved corridor set was on Stage 8.


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