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According to the Paramount Studio Group web site, Stage 16 was used for Star Treks VI and Insurrection.

Official Stage Map

1990-1991: Star Trek VI

It is not clear what appeared on this stage during the filming of this movie.

1987-1994: The Next Generation

Stage 16 was affectionately known as "Planet Hell," as the stage housed the exterior/cave set frequently used on the show [1]. The remainder of the stage was designated as swing space.

1998: Insurrection

Stage 16 was used for Insurrection, although it is not clear which sets were on this stage. It stands to reason that part of the Bak'u caves were shot in "Planet Hell."

1994-2001: Voyager

Stage 16 continued its function as "Planet Hell" for Voyager and swing stage [2]. In the second half of the show it also contained the Astrometrics Lab and functioned as a swing stage.

2002: Nemesis

For the production of Nemesis, Stage 16 contained all of the interior sets of the Scimitar except the bridge, which was on Stage 29 [3].


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