Scuba dive logs predominantly come in two formats: a stapled booklet, and a nylon binder that accepts loose sheets. Divers seem to eventually settle on the binder design, because of size, expdanbility, and water-resistance.

Having completed all of the pages in my PADI booklet, it was time to either buy a new one, or switch to the binder and have the option of using loose-leaf inserts. After all of the exposure to water my old log book had gone through, it was clear that the binder should be my choice. However, the insert sheets proved strangely expensive. A search online for a free design came up with many that were either amateur-ish or too technical, or somewhere in-between.

Some of the problems with the free inserts online:

While there was a multi-dive style log sheet that was close to what I wanted, my favourite design came up on the ScubaBoard forum. This sheet had nearly everything I wanted. It lacked uniformity and was only imperial, but served as a good starting point for my own design.


The design is intended for the casual diver who is replacing a PADI logbook. A few features not present in the PADI pages are sprinkled in, but the design is overall compatible.


The page is available in a single sheet layout (5.5" x 8.5") as well as a Letter paper double-page layout:

Single Page
Double Page

The double-page layout can be printed on both sides, sliced down the middle, and hole-punched. Alternatively, it can simply be folded in half to form a booklet.

Printing onto heavier paper, such as 32lb (120g/m²) HP Presentation Paper (Soft Gloss), produces pages nearly identical to what is found in the official PADI log book.


No part of this design is to be used for profit. It may be re-mixed and shared for free.


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